Adult Group Training
Each year millions of people embark on a fitness journey to transform their lives. A vast majority of them fall short because they lack guidance, coaching and direction.

So, In comes Train Like the Pros, FitSpeed Chicago’s group training program which takes the guess work out of the equation. Our revolutionary fitness class incorporates proven techniques and drills. We turn individual that haven’t workout for 20 years into fit and healthy winners. Yes, we specialize in turning the cloak back where you gain the functional mobility that you’re been missing. All of our workout exercises can be modified in every single drill. We can serve and are experience with working with clients with post and current medical conditions. With our programs, you can go at your pace to achieve the results your seeking for all fitness levels.

Nutritional meal plans can be provided along with physical therapy services from our partners. We focus on recovery to ensure you walk out of our gym feeling healthy and mentally we hold you accountable with love.
Personal Training
Out personal training is designed to cater to the individual's skill level with a program tailored to reach each members personal goal. Sessions consist of a comprehensive training style focused on functional training to achieve long-lasting results.
At Fit Speed, we believe that restoration is an important piece of the puzzle for optimizing performance. As much as the body needs exercise to improve strength and performance, it also needs adequate time to recuperate from intense training. With Fit Speed Restoration we treat everyone, from youth athletes to adult with the same restoration techniques used with our professional athletes.
We believe that every athlete is different. Certain factors such as sport, training volume, age, and goals help guide our plan for each members’ restoration. Through evaluation and discussion with our performance trainers we develop individualized restoration plans to ensure that each member is performing at optimal levels.
Youth Performance Training
Over the years, Fit Speed has been bridging the gap between strength training and sport training, for thousands of athletes at their highest level, through the use of dynamic, movement-based exercises. By training movements, not just muscles, your body learns to directly apply your strength and power gains to the movements made during your sport. This efficient formula yields maximal results in minimal of time. Every workout and exercise is designed to maximize YOUR potential.
Corporate Wellness Program
Through the FitSpeed Corporate Wellness Program, companies are able to easily track and analyze the health related activities of their employees, engage with them, and create motivating programs to encourage healthy behaviors. Let Fit Speed Chicago provide your company with a platform and tools to motivate your employees.
Our Fit Speed nutrition program combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. Our program is very unique and is designed to provide individuals with an easy approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting.”
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