About Prestige Labs

Alex Hormozi founded Prestige Labs after years of searching for the best supplements for his clients. After countless searching, he was disappointed to find they didn’t exist. Most supplements today are filled with unnecessary fillers, copious amounts of caffeine, and blends that don’t offer any real benefits.

He wanted to find supplements that solved real problems. Supplements that contained high-quality ingredients that were clinically proven to work even if they costed more. Supplements that proudly displayed the most potent ingredients so people knew they were getting a quality product.

Back in his training days, Alex’s clients constantly asked him what supplements he took. With much reluctance, he showed them what he took. Instead of buying exactly what he’d recommend, they went to their local GNC with the list where they were sold higher-priced products that didn’t work near as well.

After years of dealing with third parties delivering his clients with poor products, he decided to provide better options. Options that were formulated by PhDs, trusted by Olympians, and loved by strength professionals everywhere.

Behind this idea,
Prestige Labs was born

Prestige Labs supplements are created and packaged in a GMP-certified facility. Every batch is tested for purity at both the bulk and mixing stages to ensure we create the highest-quality supplements we can. Combined with the superior ingredients, Prestige Labs is the most expensive line ever produced at the facility. In a facility that’s never failed an inspection, we take great pride in that.

Remarkable products are made by combining premium ingredients and the brightest minds in the world. Prestige Labs believes in quality without compromise. That’s a promise that can be found in every single one of our products.

Why use Prestige Labs Supplements?

Simple put they are the best. They use all natural pure ingredients, of the highest-quality. Made originally for professional athletes and Olympians, it is now available for everyone!

Help crush those stress cravings! You know the ones that you get late at night and your anxiety is up for the things you will have to face the next day and all you can think of is how a box of powdery donuts will help you get through it?

Yeah, those cravings… Burn PM was created so that you won’t waste the hard efforts you put in during the day to burn fat. It helps minimize the need to eat away your feelings by helping you adapt and handle stress. It also helps with feelings of fullness, signaling to your brain that you have eaten, keeping you fuller longer.

Manage Stress. Reduce Cravings. Feel Fuller.

Burn AM is a Thermogenic Fat Burner that boosts metabolism and maximizes muscle building. Thermo literally translates to heat. Heat burns fat. If you really want to geek out on the science, you may appreciate knowing that the thermogenesis proprietary blend in Burn AM contains epicatechins from green tea, concentrated garlic, cayenne powder, and other potent ingredients. Again, increasing your body temp which increases your metabolism and melting fat.

Burn AM also helps keep the natural stimulants you already have in your body working for longer periods helping you release more fat and utilizing the natural chemicals you already have in your body to burn more. Plus, as a bonus, it’s stimulant free, so there is no crashing involved here!

No Fillers. No Jitters. Supercharged Results!

Want to get all of the amazing effects of a pre workout without the terrible sides to go with it? Prestige Labs pre-workout is one of a kind, as it takes all the caffeine out of the Step 1 and puts it into capsules in Step 2. So you can control your caffeine dosage!

Step 1 helps with increasing power in your lifts, focused energy, and muscular endurance and because of the lack of caffeine is suitable at any time of the day without having a caffeine bomb.

Step 2 is caffeine capsules formulated for slow release so that you systematically get the perfect blend of focus, power, and workout quality without getting caffeinated to kingdom come.

This split action formula allows you to be your own modulator when it comes to stimulation without compromising the quality of the rest of your pre-workout!

Increased Power. Focused Energy. Muscle Recovery and Endurance.

Ever hear the joke: Don’t listen to your inner fatty, she’s a witch. She’s misses bread.
We’ve all been there. Most of us at one point or another have had to apologize even for what we’ve said when we were hangry.

EFA is the game changer!

Not only does it help with decreasing inflammation and regulating blood sugar but it also helps improve mood and control hunger!!

Even better than keeping those hanger comments under control? No Fishy Burps!!

Hormone Regulator. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels. Mood Stabilizer.

Let’s talk about the second day after Leg Day… or let’s not talk about it! What if we could take something that would help alleviate muscle soreness and help muscle recovery? What if that product already exists? Because it does and it’s called Intra.

If you’re just taking BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) it’s like building a new home with no electrical wiring. Your body needs more to facilitate proper use of BCAAs and provide the results you want, which is where Intra comes in. It combines BCAAs with glycerol and other essential amino acids to make sure you have the one-two punch your body needs to recover fast and limit that soreness!

Lean Muscle Repair. Soreness Removal. Improve Workout Power.

If you’re a woman, and you hate how the men in your life can just think diet and exercise and lose weight and build muscle, meanwhile you feel like just looking at a slice of pizza causes you to gain ten lbs, then keep reading please.

Test Storm is completely safe for women. Again, for the ones in the back! Test. Storm. Is. Completely. Safe. For. Women!! It will not cause chest hair, it will not give you an Adams apple, it will not deepen your voice. Instead it will help you increase the power of the testosterone you already are naturally creating in your body and multiply the effects of muscle building and weight loss that you are so jealous of in your male friends and family.

And MEN – wouldn’t it be nice to amplify the effects of the Testosterone you create as well? Just speeding up the effects?

Test Storm works in a four prong process:

  1. Increases the natural amount of testosterone you make
  2. Amplifies how available it is and how it is used
  3. Helps regulate estrogen levels since testosterone and estrogen rise and fall together this just helps keep the estrogen levels in balance while that testosterone is increased
  4. Increases blood flow to help with performance inside the gym, which bonus side effect, also increases libido for men and women!

Supercharge Fat Loss & Muscle Growth. Increase Energy, Focus, & Libido. Decrease Estrogen Production.

Ever struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep? Do you feel like your mind won’t shut up, you can’t quiet it no matter what calming app you try? Do you wake up feeling groggy or not refreshed?

If you answered Yes to any of those, then Sleep Multiplier is going to be your new favorite supplement.

Best part of Sleep Multiplier:
Burns fat while you sleep, it lowers sugar levels, decreases storage which all increases results. And of course, amazing, deep, feel super refreshed, sleep.

Side Effect: Because it’s putting you in REM sleep (the best, most complete sleep you can get) sometimes it can cause some crazy dreams! 🙂

Feel Refreshed. Nighttime Recovery. Metabolic Recharge.

This product comes with a WARNING label about how much you can possibly lose on it.

It is not a product to be used 24/7, but it does come in handy for three different occasions due to it’s cleansing properties.

  1. If you are just starting a new diet or meal plan, the extra protein you tend to consume can make you feel gross or blocked up and this helps get rid of all that discomfort.
  2. Before a big event! So basically, Last Minute Cleans targets the Liver to get rid of all the unwanted toxins in your body, the Colon which basically helps you get rid of all the crap you literally have in your body, and the Kidneys which stores all that water weight and bloating. So, if you are trying to get the tightest, and shed all extra lbs you can possibly get before a big event or competition, this is a sure-fire way to do it.
  3. Women – if you suffer from feeling disgusting and bloated that time of month, this one’s for you!

So how does it do it? All natural ingredients that are supercharged agents for change. Tudca is the powerhouse for Liver detoxification. The Colon Detox Proprietary Blend includes Aloe Vera for gastrointestinal support, Senna Leaf and Cascara for Digestive Support and the Kidney Detox Blend includes Chlorella, Dandelion, and Licorice to remove excess fluid.

Reduce Bloat. Reduce Toxins. Feel Lighter.

Most Men think about short term and completely forget about long term care!

That’s where Bulletproof comes in! Curcumin and ubiquinone are two ingredients in Vitality that help with what is known as mitochondrial health, aka decreases long-term oxidative damage and reduces inflammation. It is also super helpful in the health of your prostate, supporting healthy testosterone production and preventing an enlarged prostate.

Increases Quality of Life. Reduces Inflammation. Supports Prostate Health.

This is the female multivitamin that was made specifically to fill the nutritional gaps that most women suffer from!

Why this is important? If you’re not taking a holistic approach to your fitness and nutrition you’re going to miss out on getting the most out of the hard work you are putting in. Just like a car needs the machinery, oil, gas, coolant, radiator fluid, transmission fluid and so on, to keep it functioning correctly and although it may be able to go without a few of them for a little bit, in the end it doesn’t look pretty and your mechanic gets mad at you. Same thing applies to your body… if all the components are not in place to help with your metabolic processes you will not achieve the results that you desire. Simply put.

Vitality goes above and beyond your regular multivitamin though by also providing HMB, a lean muscle builder, Bio-available iron sources, and Anti-bloat support!

High Potency Vitamin. Enhance Effects of All Supplements. Fill Nutritional Gaps.

Do you know anybody who wants us to take care of their meal prep for them? We will even make sure it’s hand delivered to their door, fresh, and according to their goals.

“Done for you Meals” use all natural pure ingredients, of the highest-quality. There are even vegetarian and vegan options. Next-Day-Air Deliver Freshly Pre-Cooked Meals anywhere in the US.